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Complementary Therapies include many different techniques of treating a patient.  These are based on systems practiced for thousands of years and can in fact be considered to be of the original forms of medicine.  They all have one aspect in common which is that they treat the patient as a whole person rather than treating a specific symptom or symptoms. They do this by treating the life force of the patient at their physical, mental and emotional levels, giving a sense of health and well being. 

Everything we do in our daily lives affects our body. We can suffer symptoms of stress from working in an uncomfortable environment or feelings of being under pressure because of deadlines needing to be met, or just leading a very busy life which in the end leads to us feeling tired,exhausted, stressed and anxious, and if we do not look after ourselves properly it will have negative effects on our bodies. 

 Complementary therapists may practice a variety of treatments such as reflexology, Remedial Massage etc, but it is the approach to the treatment that is important.  My multi-disciplined approach allows me to provide you with the most suitable therapy (or combination of therapies) for your health care needs.  By taking time to talk through your individual condition or needs I will be able to identify the therapy best suited to you.

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